Holiday Hiatus

Happy holidays all! The blog will be on hiatus until after new years, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday and happy New Year. Be sure to check back in 2013 for more of what you love.

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What could be more convenient than having the incontinence supplies you need delivered to your door right when you need them? Not much, and Parentgiving is happy to provide that convenience., a service, aims to bring you what you want when you want and need it. This service allows you to schedule orders weekly and monthly so you can have what you need, on time, in time, and at discounted prices. Drydirect is expanding its inventory everyday and taking more and more orders. If you busy and looking for a way to save time in caring for your parent, this could be it! Check out drydirect below.

Posted on in News, Products and Offers Leave a comment Tiered Pricing is proud to introduce its new tiered pricing definitive. This initiative will be rolled out over the next several months and offer deep discounts for users who order more than 1 item in a single order. These tiered discounts will only be available on a limited number of items, but should help customers save big. Look out for these new additions and more, and as always check out Parentgiving for the latest medical supplies and health information!

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Incontinence Support Solutions

It’s hard to manage any medical condition without getting some type of support. Because incontinence is still viewed as an incontinenceembarrassing condition, that might keep you from reaching out to others. Try to remember that people in a specific support group all share the same challenges you do—that should diminish your embarrassment. And the education, inspiration and encouragement you can get from support group members can help you more than you realize. Just being able to talk openly about what you’re facing can free you of some of the stress that’s been building up (and that can, in some situations, worsen your incontinence).
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Where To Buy Adult Incontinence Supplies

Finding good prices on adult incontinence supplies can be challenging. Luckily having scoured the internet I am happy to report I have found two websites which offer the best value on these type of supplies.

1. – Amazon offers incredibly competative prices on nearly everything. With the addition of the Amazon marketplace, vendors actually try to compete for your business through the Amazon platform by reducing their prices. If you are lucky enough to be an Amazon Prime member, and find the product you want you even get free 2-day shipping on your package.

2. – specializing in helping you find the exact adult incontinence product to fit your need. A trained staff coupled with a huge inventory and easy order system make this the number two site in my book for incontinence.

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Types of Medical Equipment

Medical supplies sometimes cross over into the field of medical equipment, and frequently medical equipment needs a variety of medical supplies to function properly. In this post we are going to take a brief look at the different types of medical equipment.

Diagnostic: This equipment is used for making diagnoses of specific problems and includes devices such as MRIs and ultrasounds. A variety of medical supplies are associated with this type of equipment, like petroleum jelly and electrode pads.

Monitoring: Used for continually monitoring different signals from the body or a machine, this category includes things like heart and blood pressure monitors. Some devices, such as those for monitoring blood pressure, are classified as supplies themselves, while other pieces of equipment are self-contained, requiring no supplies at all.

Laboratory: Laboratories use an entire classification of equipment that is used on the back end to perform research or make detailed analysis. Typically the supplies required are laboratory specific and not classified under medical supplies.

Therapeutic: Devices and equipment that help in rehabilitation and therapy (pain relief, range of movement, mobility, etc.).

Life Support: These devices are used to for keeping biological systems alive. Far too dark a subject to consider medical supplies for.




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Medical Supply and Design

Too many times in the course of product creation for the medical field, design takes takes a back seat to simplicity/functionality. Labroatory and hospital equipment may not need to look fancy to be used beyond their functional tasks, but what about items which seniors and patients interact with everyday? When the world around us is constantly pushing the boundaries of design in fashion, architecture, automobiles and other areas, why does the medical field lag behind? Pehaps this was the reason the creative team Lanzavecchia and Wai decided to tackle the unassulted area of medical supplies with the perspective of design weighing in equally…
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Incontinence Pads And You

Consider incontinence pads, among the most widely used incontinence products
Incontinence pads should be used in conjunction with other incontinence products for added protection of accidental leakage.

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Transport Wheelchairs Mean Mobility Made Easier

Transport wheelchair may be a caregiver’s best friend. Designed and manufactured to be portable, a transport wheelchair is lighter than a traditional wheelchair, typically weighing under 30 pounds—those made with lightweight aluminum frames can weigh under 20 pounds. What’s more, it easily folds, allowing you to quickly place it in your car trunk and take it out for use by your loved one when you reach your destination.
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Stairs Chair: Improving Mobility and Reducing Falls

Stair lifts aren’t the major home renovation you might think, and their value is priceless.

You might think of elder mobility issues as problems walking, but they can start sooner and in more subtle ways. Whether from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, knee pain can making climbing stairs difficult even as walking itself is still easily accomplished. To limit pain as well as reduce the chance of falls, avoiding stairs often becomes necessary. To continue to age in place when the bedroom is upstairs, stairs lifts are a terrific innovation.
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